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Practical Osteopathy Training Courses Delivered in Rochester, Kent

Professional osteopathy training courses could be to next step in your career. At A229 Medway Osteopathic Clinic, in Rochester, Kent, our skilled trainers enhance your skillset with recognised osteopathy programmes. We provide two courses: the Diploma in Manipulation and our piggyback course. Both programmes include a combination of online and practical study.

Train for a Diploma in Manipulation

While we provide osteopath and sports injury treatment, we also provide osteopathy training programmes for professionals. We offer the opportunity to train in the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system and associated viscera. Our osteopathy training courses are detailed on this page.

Diploma Course Length

Our Diploma in Manipulation is taught across a 20-month period. It includes six hourly practical sessions, which take place once per calendar month. This period is known as the taught course, which satisfies the 99-hour requirement for a healthcare diploma. Additional continuous assessment training will be devoted to a certificate in the foot and nail care or massage.

Access and Share Training

During the diploma, all student will be given password-protected access to a vBulletin™ website. This will give you asynchronous access to thoughts and ideas from colleagues as they study. It will also enable you to contact guest lecturers and complete coursework online.

Diploma Sessions That Include Qualified Osteopaths

The diploma is often attended by fully qualified, professional osteopaths and osteomyologists who are eager to work with new students. Although they are not part of the teaching group, these professionals will be invited to join in online throughout the duration of the course.

Diploma — Affordable Rates

In order to qualify for diploma status, you must attend a minimum of 99 hours throughout the course. Priced at £120 per attended day, our courses result in a certificate of attendance alongside the qualification. These certificates will support your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) evidence. Once you have completed the diploma, you will be invited to join the AoS (Association of Osteomyologists™). You will also be entitled to apply for practice insurance.

The Piggyback Course

Starting this year, our 20-month course will be open to postgraduates of all osteomyological fields. It will also be available for students of structural and visceral manipulation who are working to become osteomyologists. This attended course takes place for six hours on one Sunday each month. It is priced at £120 per session and will be at the Medway Osteopathic Clinic in Rochester, Kent. You may either bring your own lunch or choose to eat out. We decide the dates on a monthly basis.

Part-Online Osteopathy Course

As well as attended sessions, this course includes an online component. You may access the vBulletin forum using a specially generated password. These passwords will be given to both students and postgraduate attendees, allowing interaction between both. Additionally, guest lecturers and fellow travelers will interact with each other as they progress through the coursework. You will also be able to access the common room function and online library.

Osteopath training

A Digital Record of Study

By studying online for this course, you will also incidentally create a digital record of study. All participants will receive a CD containing copies of out-of-copyright osteopathic textbooks to aid study. While the online study is encouraged throughout the 20-month course, each module is a refresher. It will provide a different look at each viscera and body region in terms of clinical practice. As such, each attended day for practitioners is certificated as a six-hour CPD (Continuing Professional Development) unit.

Contact Us, in Rochester, Kent, to learn more about the back pain treatment delivered by our highly skilled osteopath.