Check The 4 Commons Signs Indicating Sports Injury

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Sports injuries are generally caused if you don’t follow proper warming up methods before exercising, try to exceed your present level of fitness suddenly or use inappropriate equipment. Though you can reduce the chances of getting injured while playing or exercising by following safety advice by qualified health professionals, some sports injuries are indeed inevitable.

Even a minor impact or awkward movement can lead to acute sports injuries. This is why visiting a renowned osteopathic clinic before you take up a new sport is highly advisable. Not only do osteopaths know how to treat those injuries using osteopathic treatment but they will also let the warning signs indicating sports injuries.

Few Signs Indicating You Need To Visit A Sports Injury Clinic In Medway


A sprain can occur if you stretch, twist or tear one or more ligaments while exercising or playing. The primary function of the ligaments in your body is to connect the bones with one another. They are responsible for keeping the bones stable and together. A few common symptoms of a sprain are inflammation or swelling, bruising, pain, and restricted movement. Sprains are a very common issue sportsmen have to deal with frequently. It can be treated using anti-inflammatory medication and adequate rest.

Stretching or tearing of the muscle tissues or fibers can lead to a muscle strain which is also known as pulling a muscle. The narrow and tight tissue present at the end of a muscle (tendon) can also get strained. A few common symptoms of a strain are muscle spasm, muscle losing strength and sprain. Strains generally occur when people are involved in jumping, running or changes direction rapidly.

Tennis Elbow
It is a painful condition that affects the exterior part of your elbow. The issue occurs when muscles in your lower arm face repetitive movement. A few common symptoms are muscle near the elbow becoming tender and experiencing pain when moving elbows. The easiest way to prevent tennis elbow is by ensuring that you don’t put much strain on the tendons and muscles around the elbow joint and forearm. The issue can be treated using anti-inflammatory medication or by visiting a sports injury clinic in Medway.


Blisters are a very common type of sports injury which occurs due to friction of the soft skin. Small swellings in the upper layer of your skin get filled with fluid which damages its outer layer. The fluid formed in the blisters is known as serum. It is a part of our blood after clotting agents and red blood cells have been removed. Blisters can also develop on the feet of long-distance runners.

Since you are aware of the common signs indicating that you need to visit a sports injury clinic, it’s time you start looking for one in Medway.