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About the Osteopath

At A229 Medway Osteopathic Clinic, in Rochester, Kent, our sterling reputation is strengthened by the success of our leading osteopath, Garry Lutz. Located on City Way, our clinic welcomes patients of all ages and backgrounds. While many know us as A229 Medway Osteopathic Clinic, others refer to us as the Gary Lutz practice, or the osteopath on City Way. We specialise in:

  • Osteopathy
  • Back Pain Relief
  • Classical Osteopathy
  • Littlejohn Cranial
  • Neck Pain Relief
  • Chiropody
  • Reflexology
  • Foot and Nail Care
  • Drop Tables
  • Articulating Tables

An Osteopath to Rely On

Although osteopaths are widely known for the back pain relief they provide, this is only the first part of your recovery. Treatment is usually long-lever classical osteopathy, which relies on the movement of the limbs and the freedom of the joints. This will restore the patient’s natural ability to heal. A good osteopath will recognise this, and Gary Lutz prides himself on this principle.

About Osteopath Gary Lutz

Having been based in Rochester for more than 20 years, Gary has acquired an exceptional reputation. Working in London for five years, where he gained invaluable experience in treating acute illness. Gary takes pride in his reputation for getting patients out of pain.

Gary Lutz
Sports Injury treatment kent

360 View of Main Treatment Room

Our Company’s Proprietor

In addition to being our leading osteopath, Gary Lutz is our trusted proprietor. In 1988 he qualified from Maidstone School of Osteopathy and opened his practice in the same year. Originally, Gary’s practise was in the front room of his City Way home, with the waiting area being the hallway. As well as training at the Maidstone school, Gary taught there between 1993 and 1999. This was up until the school closed following the retirement of Founder John Wernham.

Unrivalled Experience in Osteopathy

Many of the osteopaths in Kent trained locally. Osteopathy in the Maidstone school gave Gary six years of experience running a student clinic. It also gave him six years of experience teaching final-year students specialised techniques, and a year of teaching third-year neurology. Gary achieved five years as a full-time student, follows by two years in part-time training.

A Refined Osteopathy Skillset

Following his teaching experience, Gary devoted his time to developing newly graduated osteopaths throughout the years. One student was Ben Entacott, who graduated from BSO (British School of Osteopathy). He also opened his practice for students to complete the training for a Diploma in Manipulation, which is backed by the AoO (Association of Osteomyologists). Originally, Gary was a fellow for the AoO, which was founded by Sir Alan Clemens.

Osteopathic Clinic kent

360 View of Second Treatment Room

A Lutz Family Trend

Since Gary qualified in 1988, osteopathy has become a Lutz family trend. His two younger brothers, Perry and Tony, both qualified through the Maidstone School of Osteopathy in 1990 and 1999, respectively. Gary’s nephew, Christian (Perry’s son), qualified top of his class with a 1st class honors degree in osteopathy at the SION (Surrey Institute of Osteopathy and Nursing™). A full-time part of the OU (Open University) in 2010, Gary’s son Rupert qualified as an osteologist in the same year. This meant he added the foot, nail care, and massage qualifications to the Diploma in Osteomyology, and the Diploma in Visceral Manipulation in 2012.

Lutz Family Achievements

Perry Lutz followed the teaching route taken by Gary and became the Head of Clinical Methods at both Maidstone School of Osteopathy and NESCOT, which later became the SION (Surrey Institute of Osteopathy and Nursing). Perry has his osteopathic practice in Hampton Hill, Middlesex, with his son Christian, and Tony has a practice in Norfolk.

360 View Waiting Room

Contact Us, in Rochester, Kent, to learn more about the back pain treatment delivered by our highly skilled osteopath.